every virtual assistant needs solid systems in place...
Create a remarkable experience for your new clients with a VA Client On-boarding System
get set up to hit the ground running even if you don’t have your first client (yet)
I can hear you sighing right now. You’re tired as hell trying to set up a business as a virtual assistant and get clients.
You’ve been working nonstop to get this business off the ground and you feel like you have NOTHING to show for it.
I know, because I was right there, too.
Believe it or not, I’ve been where you are right now.
I was a brand new virtual assistant, totally overwhelmed who said,
I didn’t realize setting up a virtual assistant business would have my head spinning in every direction! I thought I could just work with a few clients and it would be fairly straightforward. There are so many STEPS, processes, expectations, requirements, and protections that I need to put in place. No one taught me how to start a side business and I’m overwhelmed. I wish this business came with an instruction manual!

Imagine having access to a completely done for you client onboarding system made for virtual assistants.
An onboarding system that includes everything virtual assistants need to onboard new clients so seamlessly that your new clients ask you to replicate your system for their own business
Would that be helpful? 
As a virtual assistant with 8 years of experience and now a digital marketer, I know what it means when a new client comes along. The moment they say yes, I have to put my best foot forward.
Automating the entire process WITHOUT giving up on the personal touch and high attention to customer care, sets you apart.

How you onboard new clients, sets yourself apart from the competition and really create a name for yourself.
I’ve been working online for 10 years. In the beginning my client onboarding system was nonexistent. I had a piecemeal system, and it did me no favors. 

Without a system, you're wasting time and money -- and you’re losing clients.

After so many iterations, I’ve perfected my client on-boarding system. 

 I want you to take my years of trial and error and apply it to your business so that you can get the same results in more than half the time. 
The perfect place to start winning the heart of your clients is at the beginning of your relationship.
Wow, your prospects with seamless customer experience from start to finish.

When onboarding is done right, clients feel confidence and assurance and refer their network to your services.
That means more referrals, more money and more freedom for you!
It also means that you’re thinking about #1. When you have contracts and subcontracts in place, you’re protecting yourself and that’s critical in business.
You’re ready to create your own VA Client Onboarding System, but you’ve got a lot of questions.
How do I even onboard a client successfully?
I don’t even have a client yet, how could this help me now?
This whole automated onboarding system seems very technical. How do I know I can even set this up?
There's confusion if you’re a new virtual assistant.
If you don’t have a plan to follow, critical mistakes happen, you get off track, and never end up at the finish line. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

the va client onboarding system
The VA Client On boarding System, is a step-by-step process that enables you to click a button and within seconds your entire on boarding system fires off automatically to your new client.
The VA Client Onboarding System is a system that contains
  • ​A lead generation questionnaire
  • ​Discovery call scripts
  • ​VA Client contract created by a lawyer that is 100% customizable
  • ​“How I work” document to set expectations - this is all the non-legal stuff that needs to be said, just not in a contract
  • ​Subcontractor agreement (for when you partner up with another VA)
  • ​Offboarding questionnaire
  • ​Testimonial requests
  • ​And a fully built out Trello board that’s ready to be loaded up and used to start automating everything you get here today
A client has a discovery call with a VA and decides to work together. The VA sent over a contract and invoice after the call. After payment, no welcome email was sent with information about next steps. 
A day later, the client gets an email asking to schedule a kick off call.
Before the call, no reminder is sent. When the call starts, the VA doesn’t have all the important information in front of her so she takes a moment to get set up for the call.
After the kick-off call, the client was to receive a link to a project management system but it never arrived.
A client has a discovery call with a VA and decides to work together. After the call the VA sends the client an email with a link to a client portal that contains a contract, proposal, and invoice all in one convenient place. 
After the client digitally signs the contract, pays the invoice,  he/she is automatically redirected to the virtual assistant's online calendar in order to schedule the kick-off call.After scheduling the client immediately gets a confirmation email that the call is scheduled and a calendar invite is sent.
24 hours before the kick-off call the client get an email reminder with a link to join the call and tips on how to make the most of the call.

1 hour before the call you get another reminder. Thank goodness for these reminders.
During the call, the virtual assistant has everything she needs in front of her for a successful call. 
One hour after the kick-off call you get a link to a PM system with the details of your call and tasks already delegated and given a deadline.
The next day you get another email asking you to book 2-3 additional times to speak over the next week or two. You feel like you’re taken care of and matter.
A week into the project the virtual assistant reaches out to ask “how am I doing so far? Are you happy with the work? Is there anything you would like me to know?

Which virtual assistant would you want to work with?
The choice is clear.
Having a seamless client onboarding experience guarantees you’ll be leave an impression. 
Here’s the thing.
You need a VA Client Onboarding System in place BEFORE you start onboarding clients.

 Inside the Client Onboarding System
Lead generation questionnaire + discovery call scripts to plug and play into your business in minutes. 
  • ​Banish any nerves or uncertainty on how to run a perfect discovery call 
  • ​Gain access to scripts, questionnaires & checklists to make sure YOU are leading the call and closing it like the new CEO you have become! 
Legal contracts
Contracts in your arsenal the moment you need one. Immediate access to the exact contract I use to run my business PLUS a sub-contractor agreement for when you need to hire your own VA or support person. #futuregoals

On-boarding Questionnaire
You’ll never worry if you asked for all the right information from a new client again. This questionnaire will ensure you have everything you need to get started successfully. After working with hundreds of clients, I know what you’ll need to get the job done. Trust me, it's the things you wouldn’t have even thought about.
How I work document (aka sub-contract)
Not everything goes into a contract but it’s still important and needs to be a part of your on-boarding process and that is the “how I work” document. This document explains what your client can expect when working with you. From working hours to how you communicate, response times, and all the little details that have to be brought up - just NOT on a legal contract.

Client check in emails
These email scripts help you win over the heart of your client. By checking in and asking for pointed feedback, you’re creating trust. With these templates, I’ll give you the words to say. Just copy and paste and send! 
Off-boarding questionnaire and goodbye packet
Access to my own offboarding questionnaire that I use in my business. Just because the project is ending doesn’t mean the relationship is! Send clients everything they need to know about the project when it ends. Where to find files, how to make changes. Tutorials on how to do specific things. All of these instructions go into a “goodbye” or offboarding package. Clients will remember this last touchpoint and will think you’re a class act. Hello referrals! 
I don't just teach this stuff; I actually do it. I use this EXACT system in my business.
But you don’t have to just take our word for it.
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