Attention Virtual Assistants:
How much time do you spend writing emails each day?
2 hours? 3 hours? More? 
Now you can get those hours back… and know that every email you send is 100% on point!
Virtual Assistant Email Templates
A digital collection of 55+ done-for-you email templates you can cut, paste, personalize, and send… in under 60 seconds!

Whether you’re looking after one client or 50, one thing’s for sure – you work harder than just about any other professional out there.

You’re expected to keep your clients on track… communicate effectively with vendors and customers…
and probably even read your clients’ minds from time to time. There’s just so much to get done… it’s a
wonder any of us can stay sane!

But on top of all of that, there’s this one burdensome task that’s stealing hours out of each day – hours
that you could be spending on more productive tasks (or enjoying some well-deserved “me time”).

That task? Writing emails.
The average virtual assistant spends 2 hours a day or more composing emails on behalf of their clients.

Invoice emails, quote emails, reminder emails… the list goes on and on. Why do virtual assistants spend so much time on this task?

It’s usually because we agonize over the words. We want to get every email just right because we want our clients to be liked and respected so they can be even more successful (and so they’ll keep paying us).
And WE want to be liked and respected too! The emails we write have to get stuff done… and have to convey to clients and customers that we’re NOT pushovers who can be taken advantage of. 

So we want to make sure that every email has just the right tone and message! 

When I started out as a full time virtual assistant 10 years ago, I used to spend 10 or 15 minutes on a single email… and even when I did finally click “Send,” I’d still worry that it wasn’t perfect!

Sound familiar? I thought it might.
I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner! 
I kept on going like this for years… mostly because I assumed that hours of email writing each day were “just part of being a virtual assistant.”

And, to tell you the truth, it took a while for me to realize just how much time I was squandering on email writing every day. 10 minutes here and there doesn’t seem like all that much…until you stop and add it all up.

Once I took the time to think about it, I realized that some days, I was spending 3 hours or more writing emails for my clients. That’s 750 work hours a year!!

As soon as I realized that, I got pretty mad at myself for letting that much time just slip away 
on such a low-level task.

But more importantly, I decided right then and there that the “time suck” had to stop!
So here’s what I did (and this is going to make your life SO much easier):
I kept writing my clients' emails as usual.  


Every time I perfected one… I'd turn it into a template and put in a folder. That way, the next time I needed that particular email, I could just grab the template, pop in the "variables" (like the recipient's name, location, what they ordered, etc.), and send it off. 

So instead of spending 10 or 15 minutes agonizing over each word, I could fire off an email in under one minute… and know that every word was perfect!

Over a 6-month period, I created more than 55 email templates for just about every situation a virtual assistant might run into.

And after that, I went from spending up to 3 hours a day writing emails… to only spending 15 minutes TOTAL each day!

It was such a relief! I was finally able to keep up with my workload… and just as importantly, I was able to spend a few hours each day doing exactly what I wanted to do, instead of stressing out in front of a keyboard.

So how is my "a-ha" going to help you? Here's how: 
I'm making all 55+ Virtual Assistant Email Templates available for immediate download!
I may have already done all the "heavy lifting," but I didn't want to be the only one to benefit.

You see, I know first-hand how demanding virtual assistant work can be. And I know that most clients expect us to send out a LOT of emails. So I knew I wasn't the only VA ever to struggle with this problem. 
In fact, I sent out a list of my templates to my network, and I got a TON of feedback from virtual assistants who were dying to get their hands on the templates themselves!

So I decided to package them and make them available as an instant download.

I included EVERY expertly written, professional email template a VA could possibly need, including templates for:
  • ​Contract and invoice emails
  • Thank you emails for responding to inquiries 
  •  Post-inquiry follow-up emails 
  •  Discovery call reminder emails 
  •  Post-discovery call emails 
  •  High-converting closing emails 
  • New client/customer onboarding emails 
  •  Client/customer offboarding emails
  •   Payment reminder emails
  •   Client portal and form emails (for 17hats and Dubsado users) 
  •  And many, MANY more!
I even priced the package a lot lower than what my mentors and peers told me to charge.
I had several industry leaders tell me I should charge $197 for the package…
especially since it could save VAs 500 work hours or more every single year!
But I didn’t feel right charging that much.

So when you click the button below right now, 
You’re getting immediate access to all 55+ templates now for a one-time investment of just $27:
Not sure you need all 55+ templates? Take a look at my smaller packages:
What’s it worth to you to get back 10+ hours each week?
In case you’re on the fence about getting my Virtual Assistant Email Templates, let’s take a look at the value of what you’re getting here.

For a one-time investment of just $27 (less than you’re probably paying for software and platform subscriptions each month), you’re getting 55+ swipe-and-deploy email templates you can use as many times as you want… as long as you want.
If someone told you they could wave a magic wand and give you an extra 10 hours a week to do whatever you wanted… would you give them the $[XX] to wave that wand?
I would.

That’s essentially what I’ve done for you here. As soon as you click the button below and complete checkout, I’ll send access to all 55+ templates right to your email inbox.

  • No more guessing what to say when you’re emailing a client, customer, vendor, or subcontractor.
  •  No more worrying about coming across as a pushover (or as a ball-breaker).
  •   No more hours agonizing over the perfect words and phrases. 
Just copy, paste, fill in the “variables,” and send those emails on their way.

Sound good?
Then click the button below and claim your 55+ Ultimate package Virtual Assistant Email Templates now:
Not sure you need all 55+ templates? Take a look at my smaller packages:
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