Calling all Virtual Assistants who aren’t yet closing 100% of their leads...
I’ll show you how to sign, seal, and deliver on every single prospect that looks your way…
I’ll show you how to sign, seal, and deliver on every single prospect that looks your way…
[Entire VA Onboarding System For Only $27!]
The hardest part of being a virtual assistant isn’t actually the work itself 
Nope. Because once you roll up your sleeves, even if you need to learn a new task - it all becomes figure-outable.

That’s cuz you didn’t land on this path by way of hope, wish, or job board prayer.

Not even close.

You’re here because you’re a fighter.

For your career. For your family. And for yourself.
Maybe you landed here by way of the corporate world, through previous admin jobs, or from running your own household. (which is a serious feat in itself).
Regardless - you’re a highly ambitious woman determined to earn a good income for yourself - the thought of your career going to the wayside just because you are a *mom* was never an option in the first place.
So you and I both know that any client work that comes your way, you’ve got the drive to tackle it.
Therefore, the client's work itself is not what hangs you up.
So what’s really the hardest part of this whole VA thing?
Securing clients.

And I’m not even talking about finding the clients.

I’m talking about that single tiny window of opportunity:

From the moment that one potential client gives you the time of day, to the moment you secure the project.

>>> The Onboarding

Why is securing a client harder than finding the client, you ask?

Let me explain -

When you’re off marketing yourself and looking for clients - you’re posting on social media, commenting in FB groups, sprucing up your website…

...It’s all adding to your movement.

If you don’t get the attention of one, you’ll get the attention of another.

It ALWAYS pays to be visible - no matter when it comes to fruition.

So no matter how you’re marketing, it’s never a waste of time.

But as soon as you zero in on one prospect, and start devoting your time, energy, and resources to try to secure that one single person...

It’s a little like that saying goes, “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

Because when you email that prospect, when you spend time on a discovery call, when you create a proposal, and then follow up with that one. single. person... and they don’t sign on?

Then it’s all for nothing.

And there aint’ nobody payin’ you for all that work you put in, either.

That’s why onboarding is one of the most vital components in your Virtual Assistant business.

Quick! Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather”...
the virtual assistant #realtalk edition

You’ve connected with a business owner who needs more help online...

They know the value a VA can bring to their growth (and sanity!)... But they need to make sure it’s the right person.
Someone they trust.

Someone who is punctual & professional.

Someone who can provide a quick turnaround on tasks as they arise.

Ok, game on! Would you rather be Virtual Assistant 1 or Virtual Assistant 2?

Virtual Assistant #1
It's an hour prior to the sales call, and you’re ferociously searching the interwebs for a little peace of mind.
You want to nail the call, but you’re not toeeee-tally certain what to say.

Do you mention your experience? (Or lack there-of?)

Do you tell them how many hours you can work, or all about the software you’re familiar with?

Does price come up on this call, or is that later?!

Your Google search didn’t pull up much of anything, just a few blog articles about how VA’s are vital for businesses today.

I know, Forbes! But that’s not helpful right now! So you give up on Google and start jumping into VA and freelance Facebook groups to see if anyone has anything juicy to help you out.

You come across a few other VA’s within the discussions, and you go down the rabbit hole on their websites and FB pages.

Maybe, just maybeee, they’ve got some golden tips on how to rock this sales process.

5:59pm. Gahh, it’s time for your call. It’s okay, you can wing it. You know you’ll be able to do what the prospect needs… it’s just a matter of hoping they can see it.

6:19pm. After stumbling over a few questions, answering what you could, and sweating more than you did during yesterday's at-home yoga class, you can finally feel that the call is wrapping up.

Your prospect looks through the screen at you and says, “so what are our next steps?”

You try to hide your puzzled look while thinking, “why are you asking *me*?

I was just about to ask you that question!”

 You sidestep the awkwardness and are pleased with your response, “I’ll send you an email in a couple of days… nice chatting with you!”

Virtual Assistant #2
Feeling excited and prepared, you jump into the call with Beyonce-level confidence.
You know what you’re saying because you’ve got the exact outline in front of you.

You’re certain about when to lead, and when to listen.

Because here’s the truth of the matter - this prospect is looking to TRUST you with their business baby, so you know it’s not something to take lightly.

That’s why you have up on your screen: all your pre-written responses, your well-articulated questions, and your clear customer journey process that you’re pumped to walk your prospect through.

You *know* you’ll be a huge asset to their business.

5:50pm. You go through your pre-call ritual... grabbing a drink of water and tying your hair back.

You’re cool, calm, and collected. Because your process is tried and true.

6:00pm. It’s go time, baby.

23-minutes after wrapping up the call, your proposal has already landed in their inbox.

The proposal outlines everything - who you are, why they should work with you, your pricing, and a detailed plan of what your project together would look like.

Attached to the proposal is your “How I Work” Doc - the refreshing lowdown that bleeds personality and sets expectations of what it’s like to work with you. (AKA no weekend messages, cuz #familyfirst).

And to put that final level of stamp on your authority - you’ve included the perfect contract and onboarding questionnaire to set your project up for success.

Who knew you just provided the best form of reassurance in your soon-to-be-client: the fact that you removed every barrier of hesitation during this onboarding process, instills only the best trust and empowerment in you for every future project together.

Safe to say you nailed it! (Blows on knuckles, rubs them on shirt)

It’s obvious which you’d rather, isn’t it? 
Now I don’t mean to ruin our fun little game here, but I’ve got to tell you something that may not be so obvious…
I used to be Virtual Assistant #1

I’d chase my tail every time I got a lead and had to recreate the wheel each and every time. I’d try to duplicate past emails to save time, but, whoa mama, it ended up wasting time and sparking a lot of errors. (read: writing to your client with the wrong name will not lock in any contracts)

I quickly realized that my plan was useless. 

Piecemealing every part of the process together was not getting me ahead in my career whatsoever. I needed to take myself seriously and my work seriously. 

So day by day, I started creating a solid process: high-converting emails, templated proposals, proven contracts, and never-fail automations. 

It’s been 12 years since I first started creating these communication documents, and over the years, I have perfected the onboarding systems down to a science. 

Blowing my clients away with a professional experience right off the get-go has been the backbone to my success in the online world. It’s helped me continually attract more clients, better clients, and keep a referral system close by from all the people I’ve worked with in the past.
And I want you to experience this same success too. 

And this, my friend, was the motivation behind…. 
the va client onboarding system
The proven onboarding process that GUARANTEES the ability to close more projects, charge higher prices, and sign better-paying clients.
 With more confidence and capability than ever before. 
The cardinal toolkit for ALL new-ish VAs
 Turn every lead into a recurring client when you learn how to...
Dish out a customer experience that surprises and delights from the moment they first interact with you all the way to project completion.
{no more clients ghosting you after key touchpoints such as receiving an inquiry, scheduling a booking, or completing a sales call}

Hit the ground running for every future client with what to send, how to send it, and when to send it.
{Those ducks of yours will all be in a perfect row once you know exactly how to communicate with each prospect and new client}

Close more sales calls with clients who value your work and need your help.
{connecting on video calls and selling your services will soon be a b-r-e-e-z-e}

Make more money because a streamlined process provides you with more time on income-generating tasks.
{so you can focus more on delivering a great service and less on the non-billable tasks that so often bottleneck projects}

Attract higher paying clients because your systems are seamless and they ooze professionalism & confidence. 
{when you’re more confident in yourself, clients are more confident in you ;) }

Here’s what’s Inside The VA Onboarding System…
Intake Form (VALUE $17)
Never jump into a sales call blind! This document covers the key questions needed to kick off every prospective relationship. You’ll receive all the important details about your lead well before your discovery call, meaning you’re prepared to ask all the right questions and dish out all the right answers. You can embed this intake form into your website [I’ll show you how!] OR you can simply send it off in an email the moment you receive an inquiry.

VA Client Contract (VALUE $37)
The save-your-butt piece of the puzzle that you NEVER want to leave out. I’ve spent several hundred dollars on a contract before - and while that seems steep, it’s also something you don’t want to put on the back burner. This VA Client Contract protects your rights as an independent contractor and makes sure you have all bases covered so every client plays fair. It’s fully customizable for your country and jurisdiction, and ready-to-use right away.

Communication Central: How I Work Doc (VALUE $27)
This document comes into play as soon as the client signs the contract, but before any work begins. As part of your new onboarding process, you’ll be able to position yourself as an authority, communicate your hours of operation (no more late-night or last-minute requests), provide any links to book conference calls, all while setting the foundation for a successful project together. This go-to doc communicates all pertinent info for you, sets boundaries, and kicks-off an exceptional customer experience.

Client Onboarding Questionnaire (VALUE $27) 
You’ve booked a client (yay!)... but now what? The Client Onboarding Questionnaire is your next step. This doc helps you collect vital information that is necessary to complete your new project. You’ll get all of your questions asked and info gathered in one complete and wholesome swipe, rather than asking questions at random and looking inexperienced. 
Subcontractor Agreement (VALUE $37)
If you ever want to bring on a subcontractor (hello, growth!) - here’s the simple way to make sure you’ve tied a bow on your arrangement. Everything you do online needs to be solidified in writing - this document ensures both parties are happy and expectations are fairly documented. (Trust me, you’ll need one!)

Discovery Call Scripts (VALUE $27)
Ever been on a sales call and didn’t know what to say? Or couldn’t answer a question? Well, you don’t need to have experienced it first-hand to know how awful it feels. From here on out, you’ll have a word-for-word sales call script so you can lead the conversation with ease and have your prospect nodding their head with a big YES by the end of your call. 
[BONUS] Get Set-Up For Success: Dubsado Training (Value $27)
Dubsado is a 5-star client management system (with a free-forever plan!) that you will soon be ROCKING. Like any new software - setting up and figuring out is the stickiest part. Not here. You’ll receive a full systems set-up training that will make sure your entire business branding: logos, font, colors, payment systems, are all set up to WOW your client at first sight.
[BONUS] One Page Website Buildout (Value $27)
Build a free one-page website lighting fast with my step-by-step tutorial that will have you up in an hour.
[BONUS] Virtual Assistant marketing and sales process Trello board (Value $27)
[BONUS] - Trello training (VALUE $27)

Short but value-packed training showing you how to use Trello today to run your business and your clients
[BONUS] Rate Calculator (VALUE $17)
The “Save Your Systems” Guarantee

My brand stands for women. All women. 
And I believe our world is a better place when women can work from home, get paid handedly, and freely juggle their professional and their personal life. My promise is to provide you the ease and ability in doing just that, every time you come in contact with a potential client.
Therefore, at any point over the next 30 days, if you don’t believe I’ve equipped you with the assets to solidify jobs faster and provide rockstar customer experiences to your clients, just say the word and I’ll immediately offer you a full refund.
The Onboarding Systems Toolkit Won't Be Around Forever…
You know how your mother always said, “All good things must come to an end?"
Well, in our highly in-demand VA world, it’s no different.

The Onboarding Systems toolkit is currently only offered inside my high-end signature program. 

It’s where my tight-knit community has invested over a thousand dollars to get access to these types of documents and support.

That’s why I know this offer is not here permanently - while it has no business being this inexpensive, I’m offering it to you today as that one “break” you need to allow your business to get fully organized and set the foundation for big-time growth.

Plus, whether or not you’ve solidified your first client, there’s always that lingering feeling that you don’t know what you don’t know. And the moment your prospect says, “I’ve decided to go in a different direction” - it’ll be too late.

This small investment in The VA Onboarding Systems will ensure you have the absolute best chance to solidify your perfect clientele - each and every time they look your way.

You Might Be Asking…
 How much time is required?
You can get a lot done in just 15 minutes a day! With my tutorials, all you have to do is watch, pause, implement, and go. Ultimately, there is no time requirement - the templates and training are all yours for life - but the more you can set up these systems off the get-go, the more time and headache it will save you in the long run. 
Is this a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription? 
This is only a one-time purchase! 
Do I need clients first before I purchase? 
Absolutely not. In fact, if you don’t have clients yet, then this will even be cleaner for you to implement! Once you have a flow of clients, most virtual assistants often have to go back and get their systems in order, which only wastes time and momentum. Without getting your onboarding systems in order FIRST leaves you vulnerable to unhappy clients, or worse, legal issues that end up costing you money. 
Does Dubsado cost money?
Dubsado has a free plan for up to 3 clients which you can rotate out, making it perfect for MANY virtual assistants to never need more than the free plan. I show you the exact steps you need to take to set this up exactly as I do.
What if I’m not tech-savvy?
This system is designed completely for you: in a simple plug-and-play format. All documents are super easy to customize and set up because each comes with a step-by-step tutorial. If you know how to use a computer and can follow directions well, you can learn how to use these systems lickety-split. And if something is ever unclear, my customer support team is here to help.
What if I can’t do this on my own?
I run a successful FREE Facebook group that you are always welcome to join, and I’ll happily cheer you on. The group has 16K active members that are eager to help one another - and you, my friend, will always be welcome to come to sit at our virtual table. 
When do I get access to the files and membership area?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you portal access with ALL the files and videos.
Here’s What Sets This Apart From Any Other Offer...
Not only am I handing off the entire system that I use to run my digital marketing agency…

And not only will you receive the scripts, copy, and systems for everything you need…

But you will also get every implementation video to ensure each element of information is put into action. 

That's why each document comes with a detailed pre-recorded video giving you the walk-through of HOW it all comes together. This means you will never be in the dark.

Listen, if you’ve been a VA for any length of time, you know that you can’t just say, “hire me!” and it all runs smoothly. 

You need to sell yourself, communicate effectively, win over hearts, and WOW customers. 

You also need to do it FAST, cuz potential clients rarely have time to waste.

And with my 10 year’s experience as a VA Coach (nevermind the years as a 1:1 VA myself), I have every piece of document you need to onboard clients with ease and efficiency.

Allow me to pass along my organized onboarding bible and drop it directly into your laptop to improve your processes and maximize your profits. 
Let’s Recap It…
  • ​Intake Form (VALUE $17)
  • ​VA Client Contract (VALUE $37)
  • ​Communication Central: How I Work Doc (VALUE $27)
  • ​Client Onboarding Questionnaire (VALUE $27)
  • ​Subcontractor Agreement (VALUE $37)
  • ​Discovery Call Scripts (VALUE $27)
  • [BONUS] Setting Up Your New System in Dubsado - Training (Value $27)
  • ​[BONUS] One Page Website Buildout (Value $27)
  • ​[BONUS] Virtual Assistant marketing and sales process Trello board (Value $27)
  • ​[BONUS] - Trello training (VALUE $27)
  • ​[BONUS] Rate Calculator (VALUE $17)
You don’t get paid for the intangibles.
But without the intangibles, you don’t get paid…
This is the exciting part! 

In the next few minutes we’ll set you up in our exclusive membership area, so you can dive into your binge-worthy documents. And within the next hour, you’ll have more set up in your business processes than 48 hours of straight googling or website stalking;)
In fact, my guess is that you’ll have a massive “aha moment” about a process you didn’t even realize you needed within the first 20 minutes of logging in.

Most importantly, you’ll rock your next sales process, impress your next prospect, and begin to create a turntable of other business owners vying for your availability.

And remember, in-demand VA’s can raise their prices more often!
But you don’t have to just take our word for it.
I’ve been working online for 10 years. In the beginning my client onboarding system was nonexistent. I had a piecemeal system, and it did me no favors. 

Without a system, you're wasting time and money -- and you’re losing clients.

After so many iterations, I’ve perfected my client on-boarding system. 

 I want you to take my years of trial and error and apply it to your business so that you can get the same results in more than half the time. 
There's confusion if you’re a new virtual assistant.
If you don’t have a plan to follow, critical mistakes happen, you get off track, and never end up at the finish line. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

Here’s the thing.
You need a VA Client Onboarding System in place BEFORE you start onboarding clients.

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